My Story

Hi, I’m Sussanne, wife to a great guy, mother of 2 fast-growing, energetic boys and muesli creator!

We live in Mount Eliza on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Like most families, our days are hectic! Between work, school, socialising with family and friends and the boys’ unrelenting sports activities; life is never boring!

By the time my youngest son was 3yrs old, I had a moment when—looking back on holiday photos—I realised it was time to shed those extra baby kilos. I set out on an exercise and nutritious eating regime. This was the exact moment I realised I could not find what I thought was a healthy, nutritious breakfast muesli without the added sugars and fats.

I struggled to find any muesli on the market that I liked. Every muesli seemed to contain dried fruits. I always thought, why eat dried fruit when you can have fresh? Most of the dried fruits in mueslis are shrivelled up and contain preservatives and additives with truly little, or next to no, nutritional benefit.

An organic process ensued. I came up with a recipe from all the ingredients I liked and knew were good for me. I lost a total of 15 kilos, competed in 2km & 5km fun runs and felt the best I could ever remember! I am happy to say I have been able to maintain it all these years later.

I started making muesli for family and friends who felt the same about breakfast muesli. One of those friends said to me, “this is beautiful, why aren’t you selling this? Take it to the people”. So this is how it all started! Our first sale was at our son’s school community market. What a day that was.

At Sussanne’s Pantry, I prepare each bag myself by hand, so you are always guaranteed to get the same great product every time you purchase my muesli.
I love the muesli I make, and it brings me so much joy when I hear that others are enjoying it too!

It is a healthy, natural and delicious, fruit-free muesli with no added sugar or preservatives.